Are there other Fees/Taxes to add to your rating for having music at my event?

Our rate includes all our service cost and taxes on it but does NOT include the SIAE license cost, see below the detail. Important: In Italy having music for a private or a public party, the promoter (the couple in case of a wedding) should obtain a license under payment from a local Office (SIAE) that manages music rights in our country. The couple getting married should pay a fee going to the local Office, and the cost (not fixed going from approx 250 to 350 euros) depends on location category. If the venue is not listed in the online SIAE website, we can not do in behalf of you but we can give help obtaining it. You can also ask your wedding planner or location manager that lives near the closest office how they normally manage it. Just in case the venue is in the list of the online SIAE database, you can ask us to obtain and we should receive the amount plus the money transfer cost previously to get the license.  

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