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Things that you should better consider before booking a mobile Dj for your event.

In Italy (as well as in other countries, but here in a deeper way) the Mobile Dj is usually considered a part time passion activity that let some young guys to play at receptions, small clubs or events for something more similar to a tip than a fee.

To test it is simple, just google on the web, what do you find? Single Djs that try to get any kind of parties and play any kind of sound just to have fun.

Contemporary technologies permit today to anyone to reach music of any sort, quickly mix any top chart, even without buying tunes.

More,  the new business of Destination Weddings attracts many part-time “djs” that think that a website translation (maybe from google translator) can be enough to conquest the new market…

The italian way Vs Made in Italy.


The italian way idea is usually related to poor working attitudes and services, we live here and perfectly know the disappointment caused by that not always to be honest, but so frequently.


We prefer to match the Made in Italy style to the International standards of higher quality services, we believe this can be the key to rise and get always better. We know Italian Creativity is worldwide appreciated, and we make it our strength point.

MDW concept.

Feel free to wear your music mood!


We are still building expertise working hard since 2004 in hundreds of Destination Weddings from any part of the world, and even if we  know how it usually runs depending on the nation, we will always have to learn and meet our client feelings in the deep to get what they want. Check our Company profile here

How do we do that?

Translating the vibes, the mood, the emotions we feel from you in a personalized event soundtrack and drawing an unforgettable memory of the most important journey of your life.


Is it something worth considering these issues before booking a dj service?

It’s time to get the best, welcome to Media Dressing Wedding!

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