What services can you provide?

We provide djs and profesional audio/video/light system rental services for a range of events in Italy as well as worldwide including:

  • Destination Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthdays
  • Marketing launches
  • Openings
  • Awards
  • Fashion events
  • Incentive Travels and Holidays

How is it possible for you to work across all Italy?

We have a logistic system that allows us to cover every part of Italy by our Dj restricted net. The Units are barycentric for each area (North West, North East, Center South and Islands including the French Blue Coast). Services are available worldwide with travel plans.

Do travels make your services more expensive than local professionals?

Not necessarily, we move freqently also making several hundreds KMs, organizing a logistic plan of movements that allows to maintain prices however much competitive reporting to the high quality level. The large number of location visited across the entire Italy and part of Europe is a concrete demonstration we usually do it.

Is it always necessary to have a meeting before the party date?

We are always glad to meet our clients personally before the wedding, anyway almost always happens that there aren’t the logistic conditions (distances costs etc.). We can remain in tight contact by skype, mobile phone and email in order to receive all the details, lists of songs, etc. Trust us, we will cure every detail even if we will meet you personally the day of the wedding! We regularly serve strangers getting married abroad and we manage all the planning from km of distance from them…

Do you need to visit the Venue before the wedding date?

If you book only a Dj service without complex audio/light extra setting we usually do not visit Venues, but you can pass us the venue, or wedding planner contact and we can get in touch exchanging useful details. (our dj basic equipment does not need much space, we need only the electric socket near us. Very sipmle). It’s different if you will book a more complex set including several light enhancements, in case of needing we may visit the venue to check specs.


Can we make a list of songs we like to be played in our party?

You can choose every type of music that appreciate. We got a list including the most requested songs ever from 50’s till present hits, anyway you can send us your playlist at least a month before the event, to let the Dj find the songs.
if you got more than 50 songs playlist it’s better you set a Cd and send it to our Dj, so he will have any title you want.
We can plan every single moment, creating a real musical direction. Every dj would always prefer to show his ability in choosing independently the songs to play, however we know how much perfectly is important to choose in the detail music of your event. The Dj will try to please you, maintaining naturally one professional flexibility in the choice of the right moment to play a song rather than an other. Please note it’s important to recieve the Cds or the playlist at least some week before the party. Find here more infos regarding playlists.

Can we take our Ipod/Ipad/laptop… and connect it to the Dj equipment?

Surely, some customers like to take their Ipod/Ipad/laptop or audio device to have for example their music playlist during the dinner, Our Dj will connect it to his audio equipment and let it play your playlist, please let us know if you want it.

Is it possible to have a Demo?

We got some mixes if you’d like to receive them, anyway a demo from a Dj is not other than a short mix of songs just to give an idea of musics, often they are well known hits and provided by the whole wedding dj of the world… The skill of the dj, therefore has to be searched in the choice of every song at the right moment in order to involve the tastes and the preferences of you and your guests. So it can’t be standard, but a flexible programming. You may have a look to our video galleries to have a preview.

How long the Dj will play?

In our rating form you’ll find the timing request, you can be free to set party time prevision so the rating will refer to this, obviously it can be possible that people will be dancing longer, in case the time goes over an hour, you can manage an extra time payment modes in our engagement plan.

How can I get a rate of your services?

You can fill the rating form to let us get all the informations we need to send you a rate.

How much time can we take to confirm a rating?

In general there are not expirations, however in order to guarantee an optimal planning and to ensure the availability for the date it would be better to confirm within some month before the date. The rate could change if not confirmed after 2 weeks from the emission, in relation to the eventuality to demand the availability of other Dj still available with different costs.

Are there other Fees/Taxes to add to your rating for having music at my event?

Our rate includes all our service cost and taxes on it but does NOT include the SIAE license cost, see below the detail.

Important: In Italy having music for a private or a public party, the promoter (the couple in case of a wedding) should obtain a license under payment from a local Office (SIAE) that manages music rights in our country. The couple getting married should pay a fee going to the local Office, and the cost (not fixed going from approx 250 to 350 euros) depends on location category.

If the venue is not listed in the online SIAE website, we can not do in behalf of you but we can give help obtaining it. You can also ask your wedding planner or location manager that lives near the closest office how they normally manage it.

Just in case the venue is in the list of the online SIAE database, you can ask us to obtain and we should receive the amount plus the money transfer cost previously to get the license.


I want to book your services, what I have to do?

Simply contact us supplying the necessary further details if missing:

  • Your id details (Name, surname, Address, date and city of birth)
  • the Event date,
  • the Venue name,
  • the approx timing and the guests number.
  • the services you’d like to confirm

Once done you’ll receive the written engagement reporting the detail for a deposit confirmation and the last balance on the date.

Does the Dj Mc during the reception?

Apart from the introductions and special announcements (only if the client asks for it),
we usually let the music selection spin the vibes without talk over songs, as we know that a tailored sequence is the best key to fill the dancefloor.
But since anyone has a different vision of what he wants at his event, we always recommend to show during plannings the mood of interaction that you’d like to have, so please specify in the rating request if you want the dj to MC or not necessarily.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can receive deposit confirmation payments by several modes, the most common are:

  • Credit Card (+3% fee required on the amount)
  • Paypal (+3% fee required on the amount)
  • Bank transfer
  • cash*

*Usually only the balance can be paid cash on the date if under 1k euros. If you prefer you can pay previously also the balance with the electronic modes.


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