who we are

Media Dressing Wedding (MDW) is the event division of Media Dressing Company, focused on the higher level destination event expertise we gain in more than 20 years of hard work.

Media Dressing srl, based in north Italy manages event and sound design services, controls the activity the following divisions, each one dedicated to specific sound market fields:

  • Media Dressing: the holding company providing Multimedia settings for corporate meetings in Italy and worldwide,  we’ve been tailoring events in Montecarlo, Spain, France, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, Dominican Republic ecc. Providing Sound design strategies and services as Brand, Company, Instore Radios for big companies and retail players.

Paolo Petrillo CEO & Founder of Media Dressing

Born in 1975, Dj since 1995 he’s building his expertise traveling and making dance thousands of people from every nation in these 20 years.

In 2006 he became Architect graduating in Genoa University.

Today as CEO of Media Dressing Srl, he plans and manages all the Division Units of the Company. He decided living countryside to let his two children  play open air.

Always looking for new business strategies, he believes that any new project should focus on two simple keys to reach the success:

  • Expertise
  • Commitment

It seems something taken for granted, but by now it’s so far from the most part of the present entertainers in the event markets.

The Company mission: working with high skill and the maximum commitment in transferring to the client more confidence than he expects.

The Vision: There’s no past experience that can avoid new challenges.

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