light enhancements

Don’t forget the magic touch.

The best way to obtain an even more emotional effect is to match the music flow to the the visual enjoyment.
We can give to the venues any sort of tailored light enhancements.
You can’t imagine how this can push up the guests emotive output.

Uplighting – Fairy lights/Strings – Dance light sets

Whether you are looking to “wash” facades (also gardens,courtyards,marquees…) by led color or to switch on a warm typical italian restaurant fairy light set, And also if you are searching for a standard light set to color dances or maybe you are thinking on a real club light set, we are ready to imagine with you your dream setting.

Check out our albums below and take a look to the magic of Audiodress light enhancements. Remember to refer to what you’d like here in the rate request form.

Fairy lights and warm up lit spots

Up Lighting led

Dance lights

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