Do know how much do we care about your company? We love give your meeting a touch of magic and to spin the business partner and employers to have an incredible reputation on your way to manage events. We tailored hundreds corporate events across Europe for huge and small companies and brands. Any time we give our best to let you obtain the higher level service for your corporate. Music, audio, video, light setting anywhere you want…

We took part at events in Italy as well as¬†around the world: E.g.¬†France, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Spain, Montecarlo, Greece, Cyprus…

We can facilitate:

– Djs and technicians to direct all the live production (audio/lights/video…)
– PA systems of any kind (simple amplified speakers or subwoofers + heads, line arrays…)
– Wireless microphones (head set, Hand set, clip set)
– Complete light effect sets (Moving heads, moving leds, led bars,spots,controllers, control rooms)
– Stage audio mixers
– Videowall, ledwall, video mixers, graphics
– Conference Systems
– Simultaneous translation System
– structures (truss, elevators, temporary architectures…)

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